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How to Take Your Recruitment Marketing to the Next Level

Every small business needs a top-notch team if it is to experience healthy, sustainable growth. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, without attracting and retaining good talent, you will only get so far.

As a small business owner, you know that finding and hiring great talent is key to your success. But how can you make sure your recruitment marketing stands out from the competition? Here are some tips to help you take your recruitment marketing to the next level.

Establish Your Brand

Before you start fishing for high-level recruits, make sure your employer brand is well-established. Your brand must accurately reflect your company, including the mission statement, core values, culture, diversity and services. The goal is to have candidates know about your brand before them working for you is even on the table. To boost brand recognition, be sure to integrate your brand into everything you do, including the rest of the tips below. And always remain open to how you can evolve and improve upon your brand.

Zero in on Your Target Audience

Another step you will want to take early in your recruitment process is to segment your target candidates. Who are you trying to attract? Creating a candidate profile (at least one, though it doesn’t hurt to have a few) will help you in virtually every stage of recruitment, including writing job descriptions, executing content marketing, promoting on social media, and so on. For each position you want to fill, make sure there is a clear candidate profile assigned so that you will know how to research and attract the right people.

Be sure that your intentions to hire a diverse workforce are also obvious. This not only allows you to draw from a broader talent pool, but it also makes you more attractive to potential candidates. A great way to illustrate your company’s approach is to include an explanation, as well as team photos and job descriptions.

Write Attractive Job Descriptions

Many companies fail to write compelling and unique job descriptions. When using websites to advertise job openings, make your business stand out by capturing the attention of high-level candidates. Of course, you want the job description to do what the name suggests—clearly describe what the job entails. But you also want to put some personality into the description and focus on the positive aspects. For instance, be sure to include how each team member can expand their skill set, boost their resume, and receive promotion opportunities.

Use Social Media

Bar none, social media is still the most effective platform for reaching job hunters. But you must use social media for more than simply advertising open positions. The key is to engage with your audience. Listen to their concerns, respond to their questions, and post entertaining content that will keep your company top of mind. You may even post informational content that is relevant to your industry. For example, if you run a wellness or holistic health business, you might direct users to your blog for helpful at-home health strategies.

Go All-In on Content Marketing

Finally, you will want to invest time, energy, and money into your content marketing. This includes social media but goes much further. You need to think about the career websites you will use to advertise your job openings, the jobs section on your company website, print collaterals, and the online advertisements you will create. Furthermore, consider making some high-quality recruitment videos to post through various online channels. And you may even revisit your strategies for interviewing employees.

Stay Organized During Hiring

Whether you have a dedicated HR team or are piecemealing your hiring and onboarding with another staff member, it’s absolutely essential to stay organized. This ensures you follow all the necessary steps when bringing on new staff members, and it shows the proper level of professionalism to new hires.

Tap into free or low-cost online tools to make this process easier. For example, if this is your first foray into hiring staff, look into time tracking platforms like Toggl or Everhour that make it easy for employees to clock in and out. When sending multiple files as part of your onboarding, reduce PDF file size and merge files to minimize attachments and to make sending documents easier. You can also use a platform like which facilitates document management and collaboration.

For a business to thrive over the long term, it must build a team of highly qualified employees who believe in the company’s mission. And to do that, it is necessary to have a stellar recruitment marketing strategy in place. Consider the tips above as you set out to boost your recruitment efforts, and keep looking for other strategies that can help you achieve your ultimate goals!

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